Journal Articles by F. Schaub

M. Kost, B. Wiedersheim, S. Dietzel, F. Schaub, and T. Bachmor
WiSec 2011 demo: PRECIOSA PeRA - practical enforcement of privacy policies in intelligent transportation systems
ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review, 15(3), 2011
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S. Dietzel, F. Kargl, G. Heijenk, and F. Schaub
Modeling in-Network Aggregation in VANETs
IEEE Communications Magazine, 49(11), 2011
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Conference Papers

F. Schaub, B. Könings, S. Dietzel, M. Weber, and F. Kargl
Privacy Context Model for Dynamic Privacy Adaptation in Ubiquitous Computing
ACM Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, ACM, 2012
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S. Dietzel, M. Kost, F. Schaub, and F. Kargl
CANE: A Controlled Application Environment for privacy protection in ITS
12th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications (ITST), IEEE, 2012
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F. Kargl, F. Schaub, and S. Dietzel
Mandatory Enforcement of Privacy Policies using Trusted Computing Principles
Intelligent Information Privacy Management Symposium, AAAI, 2010
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S. Dietzel, F. Kargl, G. Heijenk, and F. Schaub
On the Potential of Generic Modeling for VANET Data Aggregation Protocols
2nd IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), IEEE, 2010
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B. Könings, F. Schaub, F. Kargl, and S. Dietzel
Channel switch and quiet attack: New DoS attacks exploiting the 802.11 standard
IEEE 34th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), IEEE, 2009
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