Conference Papers by F. Winkler

S. Hager, F. Winkler, B. Scheuermann, and K. Reinhardt
MPFC: Massively Parallel Firewall Circuits
LCN '14: The 39th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, 2014
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T. Ohlemüller, F. Winkler, and E. Graß
Radio Localization in OFDM networks using the Round Trip Phase
Positioning, Navigation and Communication 2010 (WPNC'10), IEEE, 2010
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A. Weiß and F. Winkler
Entwurf global asynchroner lokal synchroner Strukturen auf der Basis einer deklarativen Beschreibung mit XML
ITG-GI-GMM-Workshop, 2006
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G. Fischer, B. Dietrich, and F. Winkler
Bluetooth Indoor Localization System
1st Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication 2004 (WPNC), Shaker-Verlag, 2004
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O. Schrape, F. Winkler, and E. Graß
An All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop with High Resolution for Local On-Chip Clock Synthesis
Springer-Verlag, 2011, ISBN 9783642177514
F. Herzel, O. Schrape, and F. Winkler
An integrated 8-12 GHz fractional-N frequency synthesizer in SiGe BiCMOS for satellite communications
Springer, 2010
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Poster Papers

S. Hager, F. Winkler, B. Scheuermann, and K. Reinhardt
Building Optimized Packet Filters with COFFi
FCCM '14: 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, 2014
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