Journal Articles by N. Milanovic

N. Milanovic and B. Milic
Automatic Generation of Service Availability Models
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 4, 2011
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P. Ibach, N. Milanovic, J. Richling, V. Stantchev, A. Wiesner, and M. Malek
CERO: CE RObots Community
IEE Proceedings Software, Special Issue on Embedded Systems, 152, 2005
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Conference Papers

B. Milic, N. Milanovic, and M. Malek
Prediction of Partitioning in Location-aware Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, (Minitrack on Quality of Service in Mobile and Wireless Networks), 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2268-8

Technical Reports

M. Malek, G. Hoffmann, N. Milanovic, S. Bruening, R. Meyer, and B. Milic
Methoden und Werkzeuge zur Verf├╝gbarkeitsermittlung
Humboldt University Berlin, 2007
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Book Chapters

N. Milanovic and B. Milic
Model-based Methodology and Framework for Assessing Service and Business Process Availability
Engineering Reliable Service Oriented Architecture: Managing Complexity and Service Level Agreements, IGI Global, 2011
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