Journal Articles by B. Paassen

B. Paassen, B. Hammer, T. Price, T. Barnes, S. Gross, and N. Pinkwart
The Continuous Hint Factory - Providing Hints in Vast and Sparsely Populated Edit Distance Spaces
Journal of Educational Data Mining, 10(1), 2018
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S. Gross, B. Mokbel, B. Paassen, B. Hammer, and N. Pinkwart
Example-based feedback provision using structured solution spaces
International Journal of Learning Technology, 9(3), 2014

Conference Papers

B. Paaßen, A. Bertsch, K. Langer-Fischer, S. Rüdian, X. Wang, R. Sinha, J. Kuzilek, S. Britsch, et al.
Analyzing Student Success and Mistakes in Virtual Microscope Structure Search Tasks
International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM21), 2021
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B. Mokbel, S. Gross, B. Paassen, N. Pinkwart, and B. Hammer
Domain-Independent Proximity Measures in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM), 2013
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